Welcome Home.

Welcome to Sutton Community Home and Hillcrest View Assisted Living!


We have been serving the community of Sutton and surrounding area since 1964. Hillcrest View Assisted Living was built in 2002 and we continue to look for ways we can meet the needs of those we serve. If you or a loved one are in need of services we hope you will consider us. Our staff strive to provide quality care in a family-oriented setting.


We look forward to serving you!



Jeff Harvey, Administrator

COVID-19 Update:            04/13/2021

Sutton Community Home and Hillcrest View have no changes at this time. It is wonderful seeing friends and family visiting in our home again! Please remember to wear your mask for the entirety of your visits. This allow for us to continue indoor and in room visitation for everyone. Also when taking your loved ones out, always sign out at the nurse's station and let the nurse on duty know where you are going/who the resident is going with. It is important that we know where our residents are at all times. Thank you for your understanding!

Schedule a Tour

We would love to have you come and visit us! Call or stop in for a tour with our Social Services Director, Sophie Carlson. We will show you our rooms, general facility layout and all amenities. 

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