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About Us

Sutton Community Home, Inc. and Hillcrest View Assisted Living are non-profit corporations governed by a Board of Directors.

Sutton Community Home

Sutton Community Home opened its doors in 1964 for the purpose of operating a home for the residents of the area. The facility is licensed to accept Medicare, Medicaid and Private Pay for residential and intermediate nursing care. We are licensed for 31 individuals in our facility; the perfect size for quality, individualized care.


Hillcrest View Assisted Living

Hillcrest View Assisted Living was opened for occupancy in 2002.  It was built to meet the individual needs of each resident living within the facility, providing a pleasing and comfortable, home-like environment and a wide range of services and activities while maintaining each resident’s independence and ability for self-care. We are licensed for 20 individuals within our facility and accept Medicaid Waiver clients.

Schedule a Tour

We would love to have you come and visit us! Call us at 402-773-5557 or stop in for a tour with our Social Services Director, Nax Ruiz. We will show you our rooms, general facility layout and all amenities. 

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